The mission of Recovery Corps is to help families and addicts recover from the devastating impact of alcohol or drug addiction by helping them find a treatment center or rehab program. This site is brought to you ad-free because of support from Assisted Senior Living. These addictions can be as catastrophic as Hurricanes Katrina And Rita in the way they destroy homes and wreck people’s lives. For many, breaking an addiction is the hardest thing they will ever do because it is a lifetime commitment. Across the country there are tens of thousands of treatment centers, anonymous support groups and drug rehabilitation programs that offer addicts their best shot at living a clean life.

Addiction crosses all social barriers. We frequently see it in the news when the rich and famous check into an addiction treatment center but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Addiction is common in many high stress professions like lawyers, where the demand of their job push them to the energy limit. Luckily for people, they have the money to check into the best treatment centers regardless of their location. They can go to international treatment center where they are pampered during the withdraw process. For the average person, the local treatment center is their best option for quitting their addiction. Many people slip into addiction accidentally because their doctor gets them started taking prescription pain killers. Vicodin Addiction is extremely common due to the easy access of prescription drugs. FYI, we think a better option for pain control is class 4 cold lasers.

Because treatment centers are only part of the process, this site includes reference for addiction recovery groups like the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. After a focus recovery in a treatment center, there are years of support required for everyday life to keep from falling back into life destroying addiction. Our Recovery resources directory also include counselors across the country to specialize in helping addicts cope with life outside a treatment center. Because the Recovery Resource List includes thousands of drug addiction treatment services, drug rehab centers, alcoholism treatment facilities in the U.S., Canada and Overseas. Other resources included on this site are rapid opiate detoxify clinics (using Suboxone and Subutex), prescription pill detoxify plans and medically managed detoxification programs.

Addiction Recovery

In addition to a complete list of treatment centers, this site includes resources for heroin addiction treatment, cocaine addition treatment and crystal meth addiction treatment. Each drug is different so each rehab program must be different to get the best chance of breaking the addiction cycle. Many of these rehab programs are base on a twelve step program. Twelve Step Programs are a successful tool to help alcohol and drug users stay on the path to recovery. By listing resources like Naranon, Al-Anon®, CoDa, our recovery directory has everything you need to stay clean.

Drug Treatment Centers, Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Programs. We also are working with EVO Lasers to provide solutions for those with chronic pain.

Our resource guide also includes information for young adults and troubled teen. Today programs for troubled teens include outdoor therapy, wilderness camps, and specialty services targeting addicted teenagers.

A growing trend in addiction recovery is holistic drug rehab. Holistic drug rehab includes acupuncture, animal therapy, biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis and yoga. Holistic rehab helps addicts deal with the physical and emotional dependency by giving them tools to help focus their minds and kick their habit.

Another growing trend at drug rehabilitation treatment centers and alcohol rehab programs is dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis therapy helps those with both drug and alcohol addictions by integrating a program that addresses both addictions.

Our resource also includes a new resource for pairing addicts with a partner so they have a strong support group. This anonymous service pairs users with a suitable partner who can help them using social networking buy giving them 24-hour support in resisting temptations. Sometimes a quick tweet is all an addict needs to help guide them in the right direction and our social network is the most state-of-the-art system for connecting addict to their peers.

The Recovery Resource is the most comprehensive and unbiased directory of drug treatment centers, rehab programs, rehabilitation services and dual diagnosis treatment facilities on the web. Use our reviews of rehabilitation programs to find the best treatment centers and addiction recovery programs so you can get back to a balanced life.

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